Report Corona Research 2020

Will working from home become the "new normal"? Here's what we know!

Because of the corona measures, many Dutch people are forced to work from home. Working from home a few days a week seems to become the new standard in the future. That is why we collaborated with Nationale – Nederlanden to investigate what home workers need to be engaged and productive in this period of time.

Homeworkers experience a rise in satisfaction

  • 90% of employees are satisfied with the way they can work from home
  • Fewer and fewer employees experience a negative impact on their productivity
  • 25% of employees experience a negative impact on their mental health

Homeworkers express different needs based on age and home situation

  • Millennials mainly miss social interaction when working from home
  • Employees aged 55+ especially want technical support
  • Employees with children at home have a particular need for more flexibility in working hours

Planning for work in a Post-COVID World

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