The  Corona pandemic has a big impact on our (working) lives. How to take conference calls with screaming kids, or deal with the loneliness due to social distancing? Everyone reacts differently to stressful situations. At the same time employers are asking employees to step up their game. Especially now, it is important to listen to your employees how to keep engagement and productivity up. 

By joining this research, you get access to your company results to tell the real story with People Analytics. We want to help employers in these rough times and therefore participation is free of charge. 

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People first, business comes second

  • Listen to the needs your employees with a gamified survey
  • Your company insights are available in real time
  • Participation is free and anomymous
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Getting started in 3 steps

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  2. Share this company link with your employees via Teams, Intranet, Email, WhatsApp, etc. 
  3. It will only take your employees 5 minutes to participate in this gamified survey 

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Analyze your results in Crunchr People Analytics  and make recommendations!  

Connect with your employees and analyze their feedback to keep them engaged and productive. 
Analyze feedback

Filter the results to understand what your employees find important, so you can keep them engaged and productive. 

People Analytics

Use people analytics to segment the survey input and predict the ROI of the measures you are taking. 

Monitor well-being

What are your employees' concerns, are they set to work from home, and what is the impact on their mental health?

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HR Pandemic Survival Guide. #

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* The results of this survey will be aggregated and shared with the public for the greater good. No participating company names will be shared and remember that the survey is anonymous.


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